US History Activities

Delve into American history with these activities and games that will make history come alive for your youngster. From the pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock to the influential African-Americans who led the civil rights movement, our collection features activities from important periods of US history. We have plenty of crafts and recipes that will help your kid better understand life during colonial times as well games that get kids thinking about what living through the revolutionary or civil war might have been like. Check out our US history activities and find a few to spark your kid's curiosity about past events.

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Take a stab at 18th century American cooking with your kids by following this tasty recipe from the first colonial cookbook.
US History
Third Grade
Helping your child write his own 'Thanksgiving Proclamation' can help him grasp the spirit of the day, and develop more of an attitude of gratitude.
US History
Fourth Grade
Bring historical figures alive with this fun family activity! Your child will plan a founding fathers feast by researching historical figures.
US History
Middle School

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