Winter Olympics Activities

Winter Olympic activities get your child to go for the gold! Prepare for the opening ceremony with activities that let your child celebrate the diverse cultures represented at the games, or crafts that help your child take part in your own opening ceremony. Between events, try making your own winter Olympics activities that put your child in the action, like ring toss competitions and sporty anagrams. And don't forget to give your child a DIY medal for a job well done! Try these Winter Olympic activities to celebrate the international games.

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Make a simple construction paper headband to show his Olympic pride in this quick and easy arts and crafts activity.
Winter Olympics
If your first grader aspires to be an Olympic superstar, this portraiture project is for him!
Winter Olympics
First Grade
What's the first thing an Olympic athlete does after arriving in the Olympic Village? Send a postcard to the folks back home, of course!
Winter Olympics
Fourth Grade
The Winter Olympics are upon us once again. Watching all of the amazing events can mean a lot of TV time. Instead of letting your kid remain planted on the sofa, try out these activities that will engage your child intellectually without distracting from the action.
Winter Olympics

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