Writing and Holidays & Seasons Activities for Kids

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Spiders may be creepy, crawly and sometimes frightening, but not this little fella. He's fun to make and sure will cause a lot of giggling!
Fourth Grade
In Muslim culture, the ninth month of the calendar year is a celebration called Ramadan. Make badam sharbat, a traditional drink made during Ramadan!
Fourth Grade
This Star of David craft is eco-friendly and will help your child practice basic geometry. Make a festive Star of David craft for Hanukkah.
Third Grade
Celebrate Veterans Day or Memorial Day by creating some patriotic paper star charms to honor those who have served in the military.
Veterans Day
Memorial Day
Using only straight-line sewing, your fourth can create a nifty felt pencil case perfect for his busy life.
Back to School
Fourth Grade
Explore your kitchen and create a delicious holiday fudge that your child can share with friends and family!
Fifth Grade
Pilgrim hat cookies are tasty Thanksgiving treats. Make marshmallow pilgrim hat cookies with your child to celebrate the Thanksgiving season.
Help your preschooler craft her very own announcement to celebrate the special transition to 'big kids' school!
Building Words
Your child can get out the acrylic paints and create a colorful paperweight perfect for dad this Father's Day!
Father's Day
Second Grade
Help your fourth or fifth grader design and write her own innovative greeting card  by formulating a poem in the shape of her favorite object of choice.
Fourth Grade
Anyone can write Dad a card for Father's Day; but for the dad who loves sports, get the family to write him a special haiku on a basketball instead!
Father's Day
Regale your kindergartener with the beloved story of Rudolph, and then segue into a Christmas craft project in which he makes his own reindeer creation!
What do you get when you cross a pool, water balloons and hula hoops? Pool Basketball, an exciting summer game perfect for kids of all ages.
Fourth Grade
This year, celebrate the season with a pumpkin wreath! Have your kid trace and cut patterns to create multiple pumpkin shapes from a single sheet of paper.

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