Duct Tape Crafts

Duct tape crafts turn household objects into cool DIY items! The nearly-indestructible duct tape makes a great base for many crafts because it's simple to use, strong, and comes in a range of colors. Duct tape crafts include duct tape wallets, shiny and strong bracelets, large-sized building blocks, musical instruments, and more! Kids will love seeing their duct tape crafts result in useable objects to play with and use. Try these duct tape crafts with your DIY-enthusiast!

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Fight dragons, build castles, wave magic wands and head to far-off lands with this week's batch of fantastical ideas. Classic fables like The Frog Prince and Little Red Riding Hood (and everything in between!) set the stage for loads of foundational reading practice, and make room for kids to write their own adventures, too.
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