1st Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets App

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Addition, Subtraction, Geometry, Measurements, Time, Money, Place Value

What we like best:

The wide range of skills covered, coupled with lovely underwater graphics and cute interactive features, gives this app the best of both worlds!

What you should know:

The full version is pricey; only splurge if your kid needs help in all areas of math.
Full Review:

Dive under the sea with this colorful, comprehensive math practice app. Structured like a traditional workbook, its interactive features offer little learners the chance to swipe and tap their way through basic math problems. A wide range of first grade concepts are covered, including place value, addition, subtraction, money math, telling time, simple geometry and word problems.

The quiz-style format is jazzed up with beautiful aquatic graphics that kids interact with as they answer each question. First graders will find this app very easy to use on their own; they'll be able to start it up and get going without any supervision. One of the features they might enjoy is a “practice area”, a good way to take the pressure off as they nail down newer concepts. For a job well done, earn prizes like little crabs and fish to keep in your aquarium.

Got more than one child who needs math help? Users can add profiles for multiple children at varying skill levels, and can tailor each profile to fit that child's strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to check out each child's “report card” and activity log to track their progress, or have the reports emailed to you.

Teacher Features:
This app includes the ability to track progress and offer "report cards" for the child.
Reviewed 2012-10-09 on iPad iOS5

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