5th Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets Game for Kids [HD Full]

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What we like best:

This app features a built-in scratch pad for kids to show their work while solving equations.

What you should know:

The background music—which can't be muted—can be distracting for kids.
Full Review:

Blast off into number space with this intergalactic math app. Boasting features such as a simple set-up, astronaut avatars, a multiple-choice answer format and assigned homework, 5th Grade Splash Math is a great app for any kid's interactive library. Children have the opportunity to practice fifth grade curriculum, and get more practice by being assigned homework from a parent or teacher, which appears when they log in to the game.

Fifth graders can work independently, at their own pace, moving their avatar between space-themed challenges that tackle a range of math applications. As kids work through problems focused on place value, algebra, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, measurement and geometry, their progress is graphed, which allows parents and teachers to track where the child is struggling. Progress reports also allow for a periodic report of how kids' abilities improve over time.

If you're unsure about the price tag, check out the lite version—it offers one free chapter for free. Between interactive worksheets, a variety of approaches to solving equations, concepts aligned with fifth grade Common Core Standards, frequent progress reports and a clean, brightly colored interface; this somewhat pricey app is worth the splurge for teachers, parents and kids alike.

Teacher Features:
Educators using this app in class have the option of sending student progress reports to parents, or directly back to themselves, to track their students' progress.
Reviewed 2012-09-26 on iPad iOS6 by Vicki Windman

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Price:Free – $9.99
Grade:Fifth Grade
Publisher:StudyPad Inc.
Standards:5.OA &ndash Operations and Algebraic Thinking 5.NBT &ndash Numbers and Operations in Base Ten 5.NF Numbers and Operations &ndash Fractions 5.MD Measurement and Data 5.G &ndash Geometry