ABC Tracer with words and phonics free – HD

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Skills:The Alphabet, Phonics, Handwriting, Letter Recognition

What we like best:

Bright, colorful alphabet illustration allows kids to choose between practicing letter recognition and phonetic sounds.

What you should know:

The app only rewards letters traced in the correct direction—but the sensitivity of the app means little fingers often struggle.
Full Review:

This app has a great mix of engaging games, silly songs, quizzes, and coloring activities designed to teach children not only the alphabet, but fundamentals of phonics and writing as well. In fact, these enhancements are better than the main purpose of the app—the tracing function.

While the tracing concept is good, with options to trace uppercase letters, lowercase letters and even full words, the delivery is a little lacking. Preschoolers will likely struggle to activate the app correctly—even adults can find it hard to trace according to the app's specifications. Stroke order preferences can be switched in the “Setup” menu, which will help solve some sensitivity issues. The squeaking sound the app makes to indicate the wrong tracing will have you searching for the “silence” switch. Unfortunately, there's no way to disable that feature without muting the entire application, meaning your child also misses out on the letter sounds.

The free version, reviewed here, offers up a lot of educational bang for zero bucks—however, the benefits of upgrading to a paid version are unclear.

Reviewed 2012-09-27 on iPad iOS5 by Tia Benjamin

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