Agnitus – Personal Learning Program

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Sorting & Categorizing, Phonics, Colors, Shapes

What we like best:

The “report card” feature of this app allows parents to track their child’s progress.

What you should know:

Parents are required to register players when the game opens—and unfortunately, the email address used to register will receive junk emails from the developers after doing so.
Full Review:

Pick a game—any game! This app has a variety of short and sweet exercises that emphasize over 22 essential preschool skills, such as shape recognition, color recognition, sorting, tracing, initial consonants and much more.

The games are simple, charming and themed to appeal to the littlest learners, featuring titles like “Icky Bathtime Fun” and “Match the Animals.” Each game—like the interface—is easy-to-use and can be controlled using basic tap and touch controls. It’s a good effort with some solid learning features, but unfortunately there are many drawbacks that keep getting in the way of the experience. There are some short videos included that seem to have little learning potential, and these clips can be started at any time, marking a potential distraction for young children. Games can be slow to load, and when one activity ends another random game begins immediately, without any opportunity to choose. Some games play in landscape mode and some in portrait mode—and they can’t be flipped or readjusted—which can be disorienting.

There’s a very useful “report card” feature for parents that’s simple for kids to unlock, access additional in-app features and log onto outside resources. In the wrong little hands this could spell trouble.

Reviewed 2013-06-06 on iPad mini iOS 6.0.1 by Roberta Munoz

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