Art Set

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Drawing, Creativity, Fine Motor Skills

What we like best:

Clean and classy, with seven different art tools to choose from and an endless spectrum of colors at your disposal, all artists young and old will love this app.

What you should know:

The only two things this app is lacking is the ability to change the width of strokes and the limitations of the “undo” button. You're only allowed 10 undos, but you can always just start a new canvas.
Full Review:

Go beyond doodles and scribbles with this amazing drawing app that features gorgeous visuals and realistic graphics. This is the ultimate handheld art studio, outfitted with everything a little artist needs. Find a drawer full of canvases to choose from, with all different colors and textures.

Choose from a wide range of art tools, including pastels, art pencils, crayons, markers and lush oil paints. Check out the seemingly endless color drawer that covers the whole spectrum, with sophisticated names like “cerulean blue” and “cadmium yellow”. The array of lovely colors is especially stunning on a retina screen. For more advanced artists, try zooming in to work on finer details, and experiment with the pressure sensitivity of your strokes. Kids can use this app to acquire a real foundation for later art studies, express themselves on "paper", or just play!

Some kids may require a little help getting started, but after one use they'll be the master of their art set. Be warned, you may find yourself addicted to this app just as much as any little Picasso, as its classy design will appeal to all ages.

Reviewed 2012-10-09 on iPad iOS5 by Ariana Smith

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