Articulation Flipbooks

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Skills:Phonics, Articulation, Speech Therapy

What we like best:

The app uses words that aren’t commonly found in speech therapy materials, such as artisan, ardently, bazaar and Palomar, so kids can increase vocabulary as they practice pronunciation.

What you should know:

The price is steep for what you actually get, and other than voiceover, there aren’t any interactive features so the content is what you’ll find in the hard copy book set.
Full Review:

Sometimes, simple is superior. Speech therapy, by its very nature, can be repetitive. Finding ways to keep children engaged can be difficult, but creating silly stories with Articulation Flipbooks is an entertaining way for kids to practice selected sounds.

Even the littlest learners can easily operate this app, since the menu is intuitive and reading isn’t mandatory—simply press a button to hear the voiceover. With 18 pages in each of the three flipbooks in the free version, there are 70 total “ar” words for children to sound out. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t take advantage of smart device capabilities when converting these beloved books into interactive applications. This app misses the mark in terms of extra elements that would have made articulation practice much more enjoyable, such as additional animations or surprising sound effects.

The price for each set of books seems steep—especially when you consider it would set you back close to $160 to buy the full set of sounds—but the app version is actually cheaper than the hard copy books. Ultimately, the goal is sound production, and this app has a variety of unique words with sounds in all three positions, allowing kids to focus on the specific speech skills they need to develop.

Teacher Features:
This app is based on the original book set used by therapists—but in a much more convenient, portable format for ease of use.
Reviewed 2013-01-18 on iPad iOS5 by Tia Benjamin

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Price:Free – $9.99 (per flipbook)
Grade:Preschool, Kindergarten
Publisher:DynaVox Mayer-Johnson