Avokiddo Emotions – Playful learning for kids

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Skills:Social Skills, Emotions

What we like best:

The animation style of this app is wonderfully offbeat—there are no stock cartoon characters here.

What you should know:

There’s no text, narration or real instructions—making this app a little too open-ended at times.
Full Review:

Ha-ba-doo! Whoo-hoo! The colorful animal characters in this mix-and-match emotions app shout out their delight when they’re touched, poked or prodded. They also fuss, fret, frown and frolic as little learners interact with them.

The idea is simple—there are three kooky critters to choose from, a sheep, a zebra and a giraffe. Kids are encouraged to put their virtual pets into silly costumes, pose them with props, give them toys and instruments to play with and feed them treats. Little learners manipulate scene settings with their prop selections—for example, putting a chef’s hat on the sheep brings up a kitchen background. There are lots of settings and extras to choose from and no rules, limits or guidelines to limit play. However, players should know that their virtual pals have feelings, and expect interaction. If you neglect the animals, they’ll get bored or may even nod off.

Avokiddo Emotions is geared towards the very youngest kids who need practice identifying and appropriately expressing emotions. It’s a very engaging tool but there’s no text and virtually no language in this app—the characters communicate only through noise and nonsense phrases. This app is best when used by parents and children together, with adults supplying the crucial language component and interacting with their child.

Reviewed 2013-08-10 on iPad mini iOS 6.0.1 by Roberta Munoz

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