Barefoot World Atlas

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Community & Cultures, Geography, Reading Comprehension

What we like best:

This 3D world globe is simple, beautiful, and is chock full of information on every square inch!

What you should know:

This isn't an app for traditional geography; there's no mention of capitals, and many key landforms are not included.
Full Review:

Take a trip around the world with this interactive 3D globe! With just the swipe of a finger you'll travel across colorful continents that are packed full of information and pictures. Pinch and zoom to observe wildlife and landmarks, hear music and get interesting facts about other cultures and countries around the globe.

Beginning readers can use the voice narration feature to hear each interesting paragraph read aloud as they follow along. Don't forget to check out a real-life photograph of each item after you've read about it. If you've got a country or region in mind, use the sidebar navigation to jump to any place of interest.

Remember that this is not an app for learning about country capitals, population density or other dry facts. Instead, it focuses on the culture, wildlife and “fun facts” of all regions of the globe. The stunning animation and carefully curated photos, text, and narration make this app a wonderful experience for kids and adults alike. Kids could spend a whole day jumping around the globe and still not see it all.

Teacher Features:
This high-tech, interactive map is a modern alternative to a traditional classroom globe.
Reviewed 2012-10-09 on iPad iOS5 by Ariana Smith

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