BioMio - My First Biology App

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Skills:Ecology, Biology

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The animals all look happy—even when they are low on the food chain!

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There are “child-proofed” links to buy more apps by the same developer.
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Teach your tiny tot about biology basics like plants, animals and environments in this adorable science app. BioMio uses a simple touch-and-tap navigation—free of any text—that allows preschoolers to explore different landscapes, including the river and tree, the forest and pond, and an underwater world.

Kids are free to “zoom in” around each ecosystem, each of which is full of plants and animals that actually populate the area. These cute critters may look like they’re straight out of a cartoon—but because this is an early science learning tool and not just playtime, each animal acts in accordance with their nature. Predators eat their prey when naturally appropriate. For example, the owl swoops down to snatch up chicks and the bear fetches fish out of the river to eat. This natural selection may be a true-to-life training tool, but some young kids may be frightened by the food chain lesson. For this reason, it’s probably best if the app is used with an adult present.

This early science tool has great graphics, upbeat music and represents a solid effort at including early educational content. However, a little less realism may up the fun factor, and encourage reluctant learners to spend more time exploring each habitat.

Reviewed 2013-08-16 on iPad mini iOS 6.0.1 by Roberta Munoz

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