Brain Quest

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Skills:Social Studies, Geography, Science, Math, Spelling, Language

What we like best:

Stunning graphics and age-appropriate story adventures take this app over the top.

What you should know:

The time challenge element of the missions may make this game too difficult for slower readers.
Full Review:

What's better than the classic Brain Quest quizzes? The interactive app! With 65 percent never-before-seen questions, you aren't paying for duplicative information even if you already own a set of Brain Quest questions.

Kids embark on grade-appropriate adventures through a mysterious land; second-graders, for example, seek out answers in Wisdom Islands, where they must solve missions to progress through each stage of the captivating story. As a child passes each test, a new section of the story is revealed—the animated characters set sail, ride the whale to safety and find buried treasure. Questions cover the whole range of grade level skills—including math, language, and social studies—and little learners must answer quickly to complete the level in time. Because there's no option to read the question aloud, slower readers may find the game frustrating. Other than that, it's hard to find a downside to this app—even the sound effects are surprisingly satisfying, with realistic ocean sounds for the pirate level, a whistling wind for the mountaineer march through the mountains and crackling inside of a creepy cave.

The initial version of the game is free, but you'll want to unlock levels for $2.99—or elect to unlock all levels for $9.99. There's plenty in the free version to keep kids occupied, since each stage contains four free missions that can be repeated (with mostly different questions) time and time again.

Reviewed 2012-10-13 on iPad iOS6 by Tia Benjamin

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