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The BrainPOP movie of the day is fun, free and delivered to your device without any effort—what's not to like?

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This app is an extension of BrainPOP’s website. While there are hundreds of movies featured, you’ll need to buy a subscription to access all but the free movie of the day.
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Feed kids’ brains with a new educational movie that "pops" onto your device every day. What you get is luck of the draw, but each animated feature is mapped to the common core curriculum, and features two narrators: a boy and a robot.

Moby the robot never actually says anything, and his “beep!” can wear a little thin. But the animated movies contain high quality graphics and the explanations are clear. The movie of the day will not always match your child's grade level. During our test run, one day’s feature covered exponents, which is too advanced for the fourth grade, while another day showcased simple addition and subtraction. It's a bit of a mixed bag, but once you have this free app you can take your chances and watch the featured subject, or browse through a limited set of free movies.

Homeschoolers and teachers in particular will likely appreciate that every movie comes prepackaged with a post-viewing quiz to test comprehension. Want more choice? You’ll need to splurge on a subscription: family subs start at $85 per year.

Teacher Features:
Movie topics are mapped to common core academic standards and there’s a related quiz at the end of each one. BrainPOP’s website boasts a teacher community, BrainPOP educators, chockfull of ideas, lesson plans, and collaboration opportunities.
Reviewed 2012-10-10 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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