Bug Games - by Busy Bee Studios

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Phonics, Counting & Numbers, Music, Matching, Sight Words, Logic, Alphabet

What we like best:

The big-eyed bugs and busy bees will be very appealing to the preschool set.

What you should know:

There are very few settings options—the 'settings' button just takes you to a screen that asks you to purchase more apps.
Full Review:

Everyone knows that crickets chirp…but did you know that they can sing? Simple songs are among the many ways basic preschool skills are covered in Bug Games, an app that aims to put a fun, entomologic spin on learning.

All the basics are covered here—phonics, counting, puzzles and logic and, of course, music. Busy bees guide little ones through the alphabet and encourage them to spell simple sight words. Kids can touch and drag the letters into the flower shapes and spell three-letter words while hearing the sound of each letter and word aloud. Spiders weave a web as tots tap numbers in the correct order to teach counting. While the activities are simple and effective, there's not much variation in gameplay. For example, the “puzzles” section features only one puzzle on repeat. The same goes for the other scenes—there are no different styles or levels of difficulty.

Still, this interface is easy enough for the most pint-sized player to navigate alone. The nursery rhyme section is the real stand-out here, featuring cute crickets that really sing their hearts out. Whether it's "London Bridge" or "Farmer in the Dell", these insects will keep little ones entertained for hours.

Reviewed 2013-01-24 on iPad iOS6.0.2 by Roberta Munoz

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