Cat Sounds & Tail Talk

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This app answers the age-old question—what does your cat really want?

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Like many free apps, this one has ads, although they mostly appear at the top of the screen and don’t interfere much with the app experience.
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All meows are not alike—your cuddly companion is trying to communicate with you! Learn the language of kitties with this adorable app.

Simply tap the picture of the kitten and hear the mews, growls and purrs—along with an explanation of the emotion. Kids can also compare the house pet's sounds with the roars and rumbles of the "big cats" like lions, leopards and more. The tail talk section explains what fluffy is trying to say with her cat body language, making this an excellent app for teaching young children how to read and respond to their pets.

The interface is easy to use, but there's a lot of text—especially in the tail section—so Cat Sounds & Tail Talk is best used by parents and children together. There are only 4 cat emotions and a few more tail explanations, but the concept is unique and will appeal to the preschool set—at least for a while. One drawback? Although this app is advertised for the iPad, it didn’t work well on the new iPad mini. However, it worked great on the smaller iPhone with an older operating system (iOS5).

Reviewed 2012-12-03 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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