Chicken Coop Fractions Game

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Fractions & Decimals, Number Line

What we like best:

This is an excellent tool for visually translating fractions into decimals and place values on the number line.

What you should know:

The game is advertised as suitable for both iPhone and iPad, but it's best played on a large screen—the instructions and the number line are too tiny for a phone screen.
Full Review:

You can't learn fractions and decimals without breaking a few eggs—but hopefully not too many. Chicken Coop Fractions Game is a fun, fast-paced game in which little learners must drag a nest along a number line and catch falling fraction eggs to prevent them from splattering on the ground a la Humpty Dumpty.

To figure out where to place the nest—and avoid making a mess out of their math eggs—kids need to estimate the decimal equivalent of the fraction that's shown. There's some wiggle room (not too much) and the "accuracy" factor can be adjusted to give the coop-keepers a break. Students can choose subjects like proper or improper fractions and pick the general level of difficulty for each game. It's a simple but very effective concept because it provides a visual illustration of a difficult skill in fifth grade math. All problems are timed and the time settings can be adjusted.

One drawback: You can’t save scores, making it hard to track progress or play against others. The music is pretty cheesy, but it can be turned off. All in all, this app is a silly, but addictive, addition to the fifth grade math toolkit.

Teacher Features:
There are some hints for teachers and classroom use included in the game instructions.
Reviewed 2012-10-13 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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Price:Free – $3.19
Grade:Fifth Grade
Platform:Apple, Android
Publisher:Lumpty Learning
Standards:Understand decimal notation for fractions and compare decimal fractions.