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Skills:Vocabulary, Spelling Patterns

What we like best:

This addictively cute app is a serious brain blaster.

What you should know:

The lite version of this app has ads, as well as frequent prompts to buy the paid version (and other apps by this developer). Chicktionary (in all versions) is social media enabled. Parents of young children should use caution.
Full Review:

Chicktionary is a crazy henhouse hybrid of scrabble and boggle. Players start with a row of chickens that have the ability to lay letter "eggs".

Force the hens to lay the letters in a particular order to form words to fill your egg crates. Speed is important, but you can experiment with possibilities before making word eggs. A typical game starts with 7 letters to choose from, and 14 possible words from those letters. The word puzzles are challenging and they get harder as your kid picks up speed. Like many word games, Chicktionary is ridiculously habit-forming once you start hatching words. The free app comes preloaded with 100 puzzles. Players can add extra “packs” of 100-300 puzzles for 99 cents each. Frequent play helps build vocabulary and word recognition skills. Friends can play against each other and share results and high scores for extra motivation.

No matter how much time your kid’s got on her hands, she can squeeze in some game play. There’s a “speed play” option, where players have just 3 minutes to find as many words as possible, and a longer version for when time is not an issue. Cluck, cluck, good luck!

Reviewed 2012-10-08 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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