Core Curriculum First Grade

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Customization options allow you to control everything from feedback to the amount of “distractions” in the app, making it perfect for individualized practice.

What you should know:

The title is somewhat misleading—this comprehensive app appears to cover language arts, math, science and social studies, but it actually just covers vocabulary for each of these subjects.
Full Review:

Ready, get set … define! If you’re looking for supplemental vocabulary practice, Core Curriculum First Grade is an educational, entertaining option.

Brightly colored, age-appropriate graphics help create an inviting interactive space for first graders to study and learn new words. Set-up isn’t super intuitive, so expect to spend initial time on player profiles and adjusting the settings to meet targeted needs. The ability to add unlimited players combined with tracking capabilities that allow parents and teachers to zero in on problem areas make this app very appealing for classroom use. Budding wordsmiths will appreciate the ability to choose between four different gameplay modes to sharpen vocabulary skills. From Matching to Multiple Choice, different templates appear to provide a range of ways to work, but are actually quite similar, and err on the side of being more academic than fun.

Despite a cute game frame with adorable monster avatars, individual graphics that illustrate each word or definition look a bit dated and contrast the background and “world” artwork. Still, the cheery colors, easy-to-understand definitions and visual vocabulary cues make this app a great addition to any first grader’s study rotation.

Teacher Features:
The ability to add unlimited players coupled with tracking capabilities makes it possible to easily track student progress in a classroom setting.
Reviewed 2013-02-01 on iPad iOS6 by Jenny Paradise

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