Counting Coins

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Addition, Money, Place Value, Counting

What we like best:

This app's simple and to-the-point, with four different ways to practice counting, comparing and adding up the values of coin combinations.

What you should know:

This app doesn't teach kids about the values or the names of the coins; it's predominantly an addition app.
Full Review:

Got a piggy bank? Money math and addition are essential concepts for first grade, so give your kid a leg up with Counting Coins. This app will give kids plenty of practice with adding up the values of the different coins, while reinforcing important math skills like skip-counting by 5s.

Not only will they learn some life skills like making change, kids will also get the chance to start adding up small sums in their heads. It is simple to start up and use, with good visuals that include both the heads and tails of the coin. Just drag and drop the realistic coins to solve problems. Kids will have 4 options for practice: make a combination of coins that equals the same amount as another combination, make a combination that equals a given amount, tell the total value of a given combination of coins, or calculate the value of a coin combination that you create.

If your little banker is on a roll, upgrade to Counting Bills and Coins (also free) as he progresses.

Teacher Features:
Teachers will appreciate that the app shows both sides of the coin—heads and tails.
Reviewed 2012-10-09 on iPad iOS5 by Ariana Smith

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