Curious About Shapes and Colors

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Shapes, Patterns, Colors

What we like best:

The man in the yellow hat is a great guide to all of the games—he gives detailed verbal instructions for every activity.

What you should know:

This app is a bit pricey compared to other preschool products—but it’s worth it.
Full Review:

George! What are you up to you curious little monkey? In this adorable app based on the popular children’s book character Curious George, preschoolers help the mischievous monkey master color and shape matching.

Using the simple touch and tap interface, kids can help George build things by dragging colorful shapes into their proper place. Success brings big rewards when the pieces come together to create a cute toy and a game to go with it. The ever-present man in the yellow hat gives frequent, detailed instructions along with loads of encouragement. The attention to detail here is top-notch. For example, the positive feedback is very specific—instead of just saying something like, “Nice work,” the man in the yellow hat emphasizes the skill each player tackles, saying something like, “Great, that’s the red circle!” to reinforce skills in real time. All of the activities are similarly well integrated, and every reward the players earn incorporates the colors and shapes for the particular exercise that they’re working on. Kids can take their time with these low-pressure games; George is happy waiting.

Skill sets include shape tracing, pattern completion, and sequencing in addition to basic color and shape recognition. There’s no text and no reading required making this app perfect for the preschool set.

Reviewed 2013-06-03 on iPad mini iOS 6.0.1 by Roberta Munoz

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