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Skills:Addition, Mental Math, Hand-Eye Coordination, Math Fact Families

What we like best:

DigitZ is a fun, addictive alternative to traditional computer games that helps kids master their addition fact families.

What you should know:

The only skill addressed in this game is one-digit addition, with sums up into the 20s.
Full Review:

If you've got a video game whiz on your hands, look no further: DigitZ is Tetris with a numerical twist.

In the game he'll be given a target sum, such as 10. As numbered blocks start to fall, they'll form a wall. He must tap on the numbers in any combination, so long as they add up to 10. This is a great way to practice the addition fact families. As he taps, the numbers that add to equal 10 will then disappear from the growing wall. Just like regular Tetris, the higher the wall gets, the more pressure builds to work quickly! But instead of fitting together shapes in rows to keep the wall low, he must add up numbers as speedy as can be. If the wall reaches the top, it's game over.

Start on an easy setting at first, and as your kid masters the movements, up the intensity for faster falling numbers and higher sums to add. Great for honing mental math and manual dexterity skills, this puzzler can be as addictive as it is educational. The app's available in a lite version, which features limited levels that you can test out for free.

Reviewed 2012-10-09 on iPad iOS5 by Ariana Smith

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