Discovery News for iPhone

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Skills:Geography, Current Events, World News

What we like best:

Video, news stories and factoids served up daily make this an endlessly interesting general science app.

What you should know:

The reading level and appropriateness of subjects varies. Some stories may be too advanced for fifth graders.
Full Review:

From soccer and supersonic skydiving to ancient mummies with cavities, Discovery News is chock-full of informative articles on kid-friendly, appealing topics.

Crazy and amazing facts are served up hot on the "Discovernator"—the fast fact feature of this comprehensive science education tool. Stunning photography accompanies each article, and the app layout is intuitive and easy for little learners to navigate. The text can be a bit dense for elementary readers, but the slightly advanced content is more likely to be an encouraging factor than a discouraging one. Videos are riveting, very relevant and on point in terms of age appropriateness. Technophiles will be engrossed in articles about the magic behind 3-D movies like The Amazing Spider-Man, while dog lovers can learn which tunes sound most lovely to their canine companions. Not sure where to start? Choose a broad subject area to focus on, such as Earth, space, history, or adventure.

This content-rich tool will captivate kids, but read with caution: Subject matter is sometimes a little advanced or sensitive. Stories and videos are updated frequently, which decreases the chance kids will get bored of this newsfeed. There are a few ads floating around, and the app is social media-enabled, so parents should supervise younger children.

Teacher Features:
This app can be searched and used together with subject-specific science or social studies curriculum.
Reviewed 2012-10-10 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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