Doctor Cat

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Interactive Stories, Animal Care, Social Skills, Empathy

What we like best:

There’s surprise animation and interactivity in every scene—kids can even 'pick' the flowers by tapping on them.

What you should know:

The game appears to give you the option of a parent directed mode of play—but there's actually only one way to play the game. Confusing!
Full Review:

Dr. Cat is practicing medicine without a license—but that's okay! The animals don't mind when kitty comes to call and cures them of whatever is wrong. Both a story and a game, Doctor Cat aims to teach kids about illness and empathy.

The story follows Tom the cat, who—after finding a doctor bag that falls off a speeding ambulance—decides to treat his fellow furry friends for various ailments before returning the bag to its rightful owner. Kids become part of the action when they’re prompted to pick a sick animal and dose out various remedies, such as medicine and bandages, from the drop-down "medicine cloud.” Birds with broken wings or a hedgehog with a headache can all be cured with the right remedy. The adult narrator explains each illness, and the animals react with adorable faces to let kids know a medicine isn’t quite right.

Perfect for a pre-checkup story time, Doctor Cat is an adorable, interactive way to calm fears children may have about visiting the doc. Boasting charming, modern graphics and easy-to-read text, this app gives kids a taste of pet care—while serving up scenarios that encourage empathy and age-appropriate social skills.

Reviewed 2013-01-10 on iPhone iOS6 by Roberta Munoz

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