Dr. Seuss's ABC

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This app features great original artwork from Dr. Seuss's work with fun sound effects, narration, and pop-up graphics to keep your child engaged.

What you should know:

The storybook, while engaging, isn't as interactive as it could be.
Full Review:

Zizzer-zazzer-zuzz! Dr. Seuss is back with a bang in this interactive book. What better way to learn the alphabet than with Aunt Annie's alligator, a Policeman in a pail, and a red rhinoceros?

This enhanced version of the classic children's book brings to life all the original fun of Seuss's work with new narration and effects. This app has three settings to enjoy the story—Read to Me, Read it Myself, Auto Play—and all modes allow for loads of interactive fun. Touch individual words or letters to hear them sounded out or tap on pictures and see the corresponding word pop up and hear it spoken out loud as many times as you want. The Read to Me function also highlights words as they're read, bringing more needed repetition to beginning readers.

Enjoy the original artwork and story as you tap and scroll your way through all the pages and find all that come with fun sound effects to bring out the giggles!

Reviewed 2012-10-01 on iPad iOS5 by Suzanna Kincaid

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