Draw and Tell HD

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Fun Factor:
Skills:Storytelling, Creativity

What we like best:

This is a fantastic app that allows kids to make memories as they practice speaking skills with a voice recording to accompany each piece of original artwork.

What you should know:

While this app's open-ended nature appeals to a wide range of kids, the graphics lend themselves nicely to the preschool and kindergarten set.
Full Review:

Turn art into active learning! With this incredibly intuitive app, kids start with a blank canvas to make an artistic creation from scratch. Help children get their creative juices flowing by painting, drawing, adding stickers and patterns, creating animation and even singing an accompanying tune to their artwork!

Boasting 27 crayons, 27 paint brushes, 27 pencils, countless stickers, papers, patterns, stencils and more, this award-winning app is well worth every penny, and includes way more than what you'd expect from either the title or the price. Each piece of art is saved, creating instant animated artwork with the option of a voiceover. Free of ads and in-app purchases, there's no risk of young children being exposed to age-inappropriate content or accidentally upgrading from a menu.

Draw and Tell HD is very user-friendly, allowing budding artists to guide themselves in drawing, erasing, recording and re-recording, and having fun with the features—before saving the picture to continue later. It's hard to notice a negative about this app, which even plays relaxing instrumental versions of classic children's songs as kids tap into their imaginations and create.

Reviewed 2012-09-28 on iPad iOS5 by Tia Benjamin

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