Endless Alphabet

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Vocabulary, The Alphabet, Letter-Sound Correspondence

What we like best:

Every letter has a unique personality and voice that’s activated by touching—cute!

What you should know:

The information in the parent’s section features links to social media and outside resources; there are also ads and in-app purchases throughout.
Full Review:

In this charming app, the alphabet is an endless loop that spins inside a monster’s mouth. Kids touch the rotating display to stop the swirling cards and activate individual words.

Once a word is activated, crazy monsters appear and break the word apart. Little learners must drag the letters back into order to learn the pronunciation and definition of the pictured word through audio and visual clues. The individual letters wiggle and repeat the sound of the letter as they are pulled back into place. After the unruly letters are tamed, a short animation illustrating the word definition begins to play. The whirling interface can be moved in any direction, and words can be explored in any order—there’s no wrong way to play. Endless Alphabet truly doesn’t end; new words are added automatically whenever you log on with a solid Internet connection. The countless number of words makes this app a long-lasting tool for budding readers.

There’s an “adult’s only” section with links to social media, but it’s has a child-proof access code. The simplicity and safety features of this app make it a great choice for preschoolers to play on their own without a lot of parental supervision.

Reviewed 2013-06-06 on iPad mini iOS 6.0.1 by Roberta Munoz

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