Expedition White Shark

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Reading Comprehension, Biology, Life Science

What we like best:

The sharks' constantly-changing location gives this app endless replayability.

What you should know:

Depending on your child's maturity level, many of the app's features may be off-limits.
Full Review:

Track great white sharks in real-time with your budding biologist, using data collected by scientists around the world. The Expedition White Shark app, produced by the Marine Conservation Science Institute, features an interactive map of their fleet of tagged sharks, showing where each shark is lurking at that very moment.

Tap on a shark's fin and you get a full-on fact file about your new friend, featuring its name, date of tagging, videos and a photo gallery. Aside from the map, Expedition White Shark hosts a handful of other features such as videos, a photo gallery and even a game. However, we strongly advise a pre-screening of the videos and photos by parents before this app over to your kid – the videos in particular highlight the oft-bloody process of tagging the sharks. Many also provide information on more advanced topics like mating, with up-close-and-personal views of all the anatomy and fluids that go along with it.

For kids, we suggest sticking solely to the map. All in all, Expedition White Shark may be a choice buy for older kids who show an interest in life science, but a gamble for younger grades.

Reviewed 2012-10-08 on iPad iOS5 by Jody Amable

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