Explain Everything

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Storytelling, Collaboration, Oral Presentations

What we like best:

Kids are given the freedom—along with super cool bells and whistles—that they need to create complex presentations.

What you should know:

It takes time to learn the functions of this app; don’t expect a kid to load it up and create presentations right away.
Full Review:

Forget PowerPoint; in today’s wired world, kids can create multimedia presentations by tapping, dragging and swiping anything from images and text to annotation and object movement. Explain Everything is a modern app that helps whiz kids pull together a host of different content and ideas to create a presentation.

Record audio, add music, insert pictures, insert video, and then use a virtual laser pointer to direct your viewers through hi-tech charts, graphs, images and other data. Questions or comments leading the presentation in a new direction? No worries—live web browsers can also be included in the pitch, allowing for flexibility and new information with the click of a button. This app boasts a lot of cool functionality, and luckily the developers provided a PDF guide to help users through the slew of processes offered up.

While time and effort are certainly required to make the most out of Explain Everything, functionality doesn’t have to start and stop with class presentations. Creative kids will love flexing their imaginations to come up with cool ways to wow others with their organized ideas. From movie plotlines to book scripts to storyboards, the open-ended nature of Explain Everything gives children the chance to let creative juices flow.

Reviewed 2012-10-06 on iPad iOS6 by Vicki Windman

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