Factor Samurai

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Multiplication, Prime Numbers, Factors

What we like best:

The samurai theme, complete with satisfying slicing sounds after correct answers, is great way to interject some fun into fraction practice.

What you should know:

Gameplay is very fast paced—players can blow up if they aren't quick enough.
Full Review:

Little samurais have been tasked with slicing up factors, but they have to be quick to master this fast-paced math game! Players only get one chance to strike at digits flying by, which encourages budding mathematicians to keep up with fraction practice.

Factors and prime numbers are fifth grade math staples, and often painfully dull. Factor Samurai offers young grasshoppers to become apprentice, then finally master—motivating them to keep playing this crazy animated math practice app. The scope of the game is narrow—exclusively factors, prime numbers and multiplication—but this skill set is critical to fifth grade math success. The super-fast pace, combined with only one chance to nail the problem, can be intimidating for beginners. A gong signals the start of each game, while the high-energy soundtrack pairs nicely with the pace.

Controls and navigation are easy to use; simply swipe to wield your sword and slice up those numbers. Scores show up right away, providing instant gameplay gratification. The theme is perfectly suited to the age-range—even reluctant math students can’t resist tackling a round or two. Addictive and educational, this app is a must-have for any fifth grader’s interactive library.

Reviewed 2012-10-14 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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