Look and Find Santa

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Puzzles, Reasoning, Logic, Observation

What we like best:

Challenging puzzles for older kids means ultimate engagement without a boredom factor.

What you should know:

Most puzzles are too challenging for young kids, and require a good eye and longer attention span.
Full Review:

Look and Find books are standards on just about any child's bookshelf and it's easy to see why—the format keeps kids quiet and engaged without needing a ton of bells and whistles.

Look and Find Santa embodies a similar style—thanks to six challenging scenes, it's serves as a boredom buster for older kids as they’re challenged to find holiday-themed objects just in time for Christmas. The list of hidden items stays at the top of the screen as little elves work their way through levels, minimizing the frustration of needing to toggle back and forth between screens. There’s a slight lag between finding an item and the object getting checked off the list, but that doesn’t take too much away from the app’s best feature, the timed game. This fast-paced game give kids a speed-based score and pits players against each other for friendly competition, offering kids motivation to keep their sight sharp.

Despite the engaging elements, this app offers little in the way of learning benefit; if you’re looking for holiday edutainment, you may want to skip this app. Classic graphics, holiday music and the ability to replay levels with new hidden surprises make Look and Find Santa a solid choice for straightforward, festive fun.

Reviewed 2012-12-10 on iPad2 iOS6 by Jae Curtis

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