Fraction Attraction

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If your young learner's having a tough time, he can always click on the light bulb for a helpful hint.

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There's just one game here, although your child can progress through the different levels.
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It’s a race against the clock in this fast-paced fraction matching game. Kids must pair numerical fractions with their image counterparts in this straightforward matching game.

While Fraction Attraction seems like solid math practice on paper, gameplay mechanics make for a frustrating game experience, largely without educational benefits. Little learners must tap an image representation of a fraction—such as 2/5—and match it with the numerical version of the same fraction. However, once a child taps on an image, a voiceover says the answer out loud, taking away the need to do any picture-to-number conversion. Technically the game is leveled, but there isn’t much difference between the easy, medium and hard modes in terms of the difficulty of the fractions.

Frustration enters the equation when kids realize that this app is actually a variant on mahjong—meaning players can only click on tiles that are on top or on the edges. Even if kids spot the correct answer, they won’t be able to click on it if it’s not in one of these target areas. The app doesn’t come with any directions or tutorials, so adults who aren’t familiar with mahjong will likely get frustrated as well.

Teacher Features:
You can set the level of play to easy, medium or hard.
Reviewed 2013-02-09 on Samsung Galaxy Tab Android 2.3.5 by Maria Scinto

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