Fraction Factory

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Fractions & Decimals, Number Line

What we like best:

The focus in this app is on fractions and decimals and nothing else—kids will become whizzes if they really work at it.

What you should know:

Although advertised as suitable for the iPad, this app is best viewed and played on a smaller screen.
Full Review:

Fractions with no distractions! The gears in this math machine keep turning, so kids must be quick to drag fractions into the right place on the number line.

Budding mathematicians don’t have to be perfect in their number line placement, but improved performance will help them move up the corporate ladder—factory workers can be Average Joes, Factory Executives or CEOs, depending on their speed and accuracy. The machine imagery throughout is pretty neat, and the math tasks are focused; kids learn decimal equivalents and where fractions fall on the number line. The 60-second time limit creates a sense of urgency that adds a motivational (or stressful) component to gameplay, depending on the kind of learner that’s playing. As simple as this game is, the core idea is very engaging and it works on the neglected (but necessary) skill of fraction to decimal conversion.

Despite its limited scope, Fraction Factory is challenging and fun enough to motivate even the most reluctant learners to tackle fractions and beat the assembly line. The ability to archive scores or keep track of progress would be a great future feature addition. This app is ad-free and doesn’t support information sharing, making it a perfect math app for any child who’s focused on fractions.

Reviewed 2013-03-15 on iPad mini iOS 6.0.1 by Roberta Munoz

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Grade:Fourth Grade
Publisher:GAMeS Lab at RU
Standards:4.NF.1 4.NF.2