Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Puzzles, Problem-Solving, Logic

What we like best:

The innovative graphics and design are a cut above (way above) a standard cartoon game.

What you should know:

This app is social media enabled—parents of young children should use caution. The app is also "game-center" enabled. Game center apps require registration and information sharing.
Full Review:

This adorably disgusting app teaches complex logic and strategy, and even sneaks in a positive message about diversity.

Welcome to life as a little green pig. You’re icky and sticky and the other pigs don't want to play with you because you've got an awful cold, and you're also a different color. But your "outcast" character is the only one that can save the day—by completing a maze before monsters destroy you and all the other pigs in town. Your secret weapon? Snot. The monsters want your nose deposits and they will follow the slimy stuff wherever it goes! Shoot the green goop away from you as you make your way through a booby-trapped maze.

Multiple and increasingly difficult levels ensure that your child will play this puzzle game for more than a few rounds. And the theme, though disgusting for parents, is pitch-perfect for the tween crowd. Social media lets your child play with her friends, a real boon, as long as there’s appropriate adult supervision. While the app doesn’t sharpen math skills or hone comprehension, it helps sharpen logic and problem solving skills, as players tackle obstacles throughout the maze.

Reviewed 2012-10-08 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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