GrammarPrep - Subjects and Verbs

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Skills:Grammar, Subject-Verb Agreement

What we like best:

The app is designed to cure the common confusion of subject-verb agreement, and it does just that.

What you should know:

There's nothing else to learn than subject-verb agreement. Once a child masters this one skill, she'll be finished using the app.
Full Review:

Say goodbye to troubles with subject-verb agreement—and say hello to the newest fifth grade English teacher. Grammar Prep - Subjects and Verbs explains and drills subject-verb agreement issues in a no-frills, academic style. The learning begins once the app loads up, and it's a cinch to use.

Children fill in the blanks of sentences with the correct form of a verb—singular or plural. If they're stumped, a handy explanation, made to satisfy both visual and auditory learners, is available at the click of a button. The app contains a variance in types of sentences, which provides lots of practice with the trickiest subject-verb agreement issues our already tricky language offers.

While the educational value is sound, the app wears out its welcome quickly. It doesn't take long for repeated sentences to pop up. There aren't any options or different modes. The app teaches subject-verb agreement and nothing else, which may be disappointing considering the $3.99 price tag. It's great for what it teaches, but once you're done with it, you're done with it.

Reviewed 2012-10-04 on iPad iOS5 by David Zugnoni

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Grade:Fifth Grade
Publisher:Pearson Education, Inc.
Standards:Ensure subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement. Recognize and correct inappropriate shifts in verb tense.