Grandma's Garden

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Puzzles, Memory Games, Counting & Numbers, Number Recognition, Shapes, Letters, Colors

What we like best:

This app sends a positive message about older folks; grandma is a wise, sweet source of knowledge.

What you should know:

The games are very basic—kids older than preschool might get quickly bored.
Full Review:

Grandma’s house isn’t all cookies and knitting—get little learners into the virtual backyard for some educational fun in the sun. Kids can count, color, learn letters, practice vocabulary and solve puzzles with grandma as a guide.

The veggies in the garden all have big eyes and inviting smiles, waiting patiently to be picked and put into grammy’s basket. This adorable app is aimed at toddlers and the preschool set, and while the tasks seem pretty elementary, they cover some essential skills. This learning tool is packed with positive reinforcement—grandma dances and claps and tells kids they're doing well. One especially appealing aspect of this app is the way it presents grandparents in such a favorable light: older folks are seen here as knowledgeable, helpful and loving. Unlike many preschool apps that use cartoon creatures as teachers, this tool sends the subtle—but very important—message that the older adults in your life are a wise, valuable resource to be treasured.

Six different games help children hone skills, and offer enough variety to keep them entertained for hours. Skills addressed, child-friendly graphics and a motivating reward system help make this an excellent app for the littlest learners.

Reviewed 2013-01-14 on iPad iOS6.0.2 by Roberta Munoz

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