Green Up

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Fun Factor:
Skills:Responsibility, Gardening, Plant Life Cycle, Parts of a Plant

What we like best:

Responsibility meets eco-awareness in this app, perfect for little nature lovers to learn more about plant life.

What you should know:

The app has continuous piano music playing, which may be distracting for some children.
Full Review:

Whisk kids away to a world of whimsical gardening with this app, which celebrates the earth by training the next generation of farmers. Gorgeous graphics, soothing piano tunes and an interactive forest help create an engaging experience for growing gardeners, without being over-stimulating.

Starting in one of four landscapes—Mediterranean forest, deciduous forest, desert or jungle—little sprouts learn how to nurture plants from seed to harvest, using virtual tools, seeds, fertilizer, water, wind and even bees to help pollinate their flora and fauna. As plants mature and bear fruit, kids can transfer them into the botanical album of greenery that have completed their growth cycle. Anchored in basic ecology and biodiversity, this app even offers gardening tips in the form of Dr. Green, who advises players on their plants.

The lite version, featuring one landscape, three seeds and various tools, is a great way to test if kids will embrace this natural app. Buried treasure chests offer occasional interactive surprises, breaking up the monotony of an otherwise stoic game. Cultivating responsibility, eco-awareness and a love of nature, this beautiful, quiet app is perfect for any budding scientists honing their green thumb.

Teacher Features:
This digital garden is ideal for group work in the classroom, as it promotes social interaction and decision-making to help plants thrive.
Reviewed 2012-10-03 on iPad iOS6 by Vicki Windman

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