The Grouchies by Debbie Wagenbach (HD)

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Skills:Temperament, Social Skills

What we like best:

This app offers a clever and perceptive take on a hard to handle subject.

What you should know:

Even on an iPad, the text is quite small and hard to read (although it can be expanded).
Full Review:

Black clouds of doom follow our hero as he goes about his day—the grouchies are here! This charming virtual picture book tackles a tough subject with a lot of sensitivity and tact.

This app is based on the print version of the popular book by Debbie Wagenbach. Steven Mack’s illustrations translate beautifully to the screen—the graphics are bold and crystal clear. Good apps (and picture books) that address kid's negative feelings are tricky to pull off, but this app does an excellent job explaining emotions and the effect that they have on family relations. The grumpy clouds are more cute than scary and the reassuring rhyming scheme of the text is soothing.

The Grouchies was first "digitized" in 2010 and it shows—there are no bells and whistles that feature engaging, interactive elements, which makes the app look dated compared to similar eBooks. Despite being geared toward little kids, the text is pretty dense—plan on reading this tale together. The only thing that differentiates the virtual version from the print is the price. If you’re looking for a clever way to teach little learners about tackling the grumpies, this free app fits the bill.

Reviewed 2012-12-10 on iPad mini iOS6 by Roberta Munoz

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