Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights StoryChimes

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Skills:Community & Cultures, Interactive Stories, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary

What we like best:

Kids can follow along with the narrator, or read at their own pace—it’s up to them.

What you should know:

This eBook is a bit difficult for young kids to understand, but the illustrations help keep little learners engaged.
Full Review:

Learn about the true meaning behind the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah with this touching interactive storybook. Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights StoryChimes, little ones can build new vocabulary while following along as the narrator reads, while older kids can tackle each sentence solo.

Unfortunately, illustrations don’t offer up any engaging surprises, and there’s little in the way of engaging activities to play along with—aside from a memory match game. Instead, the simple interface and bright colored pictures are more at home during (interactive) story time than when children are looking for amusing gameplay. There are options to change the music in the background, skip to a favorite page or re-read a certain page; and if some quiet time is necessary, the chimes, voices and music can all be toggled off for near silent engagement.

Parents will appreciate a tech-savvy way to teach modern kids about this holy holiday, while boosting reading and vocabulary skills with this heartfelt, historical eBook. Jewish or not, children will be drawn in by this cultural journey, helping them to believe in holiday miracles and appreciate this eight-day celebration.

Reviewed 2012-12-10 on iPad iOS6 by Jae Curtis

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