Insectarium HD

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Fun Factor:
Skills:Life Science

What we like best:

The app launches right into giant pictures of insects—no muss, no fuss.

What you should know:

The quiz feature gives very little feedback—test results can't be saved.
Full Review:

Get up close and personal with stinkbugs, stag beetles and other creepy crawlies in this delightfully disgusting bug app! With Insectarium HD, budding entomologists will love watching insects scurry across the screen in high definition.

Fantastic photos and fun facts about creepy caterpillars, termites, tiger beetles and more appear at the touch of your fingertips in this awesome, in-depth insect app. Kids can choose favorite bugs from an alphabetical list of over 500 pests, or simply scroll through the collection. Little scientists will love reading up on their favorite bugs, and learning everything from proper scientific names and descriptions to each species’ history. Zoom in on interesting insect parts, but avoid temptation to use a tablet—photos look best on a smaller screen. Kids can save photos to their photo library or share and compare their favorite critters with friends. A simple, built-in photo editor can be used to customize the images, which also motivates children to keep playing with this information-heavy app.

The text can be a little advanced for the targeted age group, but kids who are fascinated by the world of bugs won’t mind referencing the dictionary from time to time. Some app features allow email and information sharing, so parents should use with caution.

Reviewed 2013-01-14 on iPad iOS 6.0.2 by Roberta Munoz

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