Interactive Telling Time HD

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Time concepts are explored in a variety of ways, so there’s something for every kind of learner.

What you should know:

Parts of this app can be difficult, so parent participation may be required.
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Help kids grasp tricky time concepts in Interactive Telling Time HD, a niche app that solely focuses on teaching time to all types of learners. Set-up requires some parental involvement, but once it’s ready to go children will enjoy the intuitive, easy-to-navigate features and games provided.

Kids tackle a range of time-based skills such as learning to read and set clocks, analog, digital, am/pm, day and night, time language (o’clock, midnight, quarter past, etc.) along with 12- and 24-hour time notation. Boasting eight themed clock faces, four different games and a quiz section, this app approaches time in different ways to appeal to different kinds of learners. The Stop the Clock and Clock Puzzle games are self-explanatory, and as they succeed, children earn gold stars and aquatic friends to fill their virtual aquarium. The Learn the Clock section can be difficult for some children, despite tutorials, as it's not written at a first grade reading level.

It's a good tool for an adult to use to explain the basic concepts, but won't be much help if your little one's playing on her own. The free version comes with two games, sans quizzes, but offers the same reward incentives. Both versions include a Statistics section that tracks player progress.

Teacher Features:
The Statistics section tracks student progress, and helps teacher zone in on problem areas and concepts.
Reviewed 2013-02-09 on Samsung Galaxy Tab Android 2.3.5 by Maria Scinto

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