iTooch Math Grade 5

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Fractions & Decimals, Shapes, Statistics, Graphing, Measurement, Number Sense

What we like best:

The app links with the Apple Game Center, features a built-in calculator, and built-in blackboard.

What you should know:

The app features a screeching noise when moving from one theme to another, which gets tiresome.
Full Review:

Get back to basics with iTooch Math Grade 5, a comprehensive fifth grade app that helps kids with age-appropriate math skills. While this app offers a lot of practice—with over 4500 questions with lesson summaries—the lack of direction makes the dashboard difficult to navigate.

Fully understanding the app's features took quite a bit of time, despite a deceptively basic appearance. As players master different levels, their progress is encouraged with a reward system, featuring badges and belts. Kids can follow the recommended progression of levels, or bounce around dependent on their own skill, which save frustration of repeating mastered mathematical concepts and offers the chance for practice where they're struggling.

The free version allows you to test out 15 chapters to see if you like it; the paid version offers an additional 60 chapters. Fairly priced and comprehensive, this app has the potential to be helpful for fifth graders struggling to make sense out of new mathematical equations, and kids who need a review of concepts they've already covered in class.

Teacher Features:
This app gives children practice with the Common Core Standards, while the calculator and chalkboard features allow students to do all of their work on the iPad.
Reviewed 2012-09-30 on iPad iOS6 by Vicki Windman

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Price:Free – $5.99
Grade:Fifth Grade
Standards:Operations and Algebraic Thinking- 5.OA Numbers and Operations in Base Ten 5.NBT Numbers and Operations- Fractions- 5.NF Measurement and Data 5.MD.A.1 Geometry 5.G