Jungle Time

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What we like best:

Kids get the full experience of time-telling practice with the incorporation of both digital and analog time into one fun challenge.

What you should know:

The sound effects are completely customizable, so switch it up if you tire of animal sounds or background noise.
Full Review:

Tick-tock, it's time to read the clock! This interactive time-telling game is packed with learning opportunities. The narrow focus of Jungle Time works well here; kids can practice everything that has to do with time in this app, from telling time and setting time to “lessons” on a variety of subjects, like time zones and the 24-hour clock.

Five different levels of increasing difficulty means that Jungle Time progresses with children, which prevents boredom and keeps kids engaged. Start with the easier levels—hourly and half-hourly increments—and work up to 15-, 5-, and 1-minute intervals. As kids check the clock, they'll be prompted to solve problems by entering the time in digital format. Incorporating both digital and analog elements into this app offers a fun way to strengthen the overall concept of telling time.

The app is intuitive, requiring minimal intervention, and the different puzzles bring some welcome variety to what can sometimes be a dry topic to teach. The game gets an average fun rating, but not for lack of trying. In fact, this is an extremely entertaining technique to teach time—but it might not be a child's top choice compared to other educational apps on the market.

Teacher Features:
The mini lessons in the app blend perfectly with classroom content.
Reviewed 2013-09-28 on iPad iOS5 by Tia Benjamin

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