Kids Quiz

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Skills:Community & Cultures, History, General Knowledge

What we like best:

Bilingual and second language learners can tackle trivia in English and French.

What you should know:

In the free version, quiz questions can get a bit repetitive.
Full Review:

It’s trivia time! Help kids flex their brainpower and learn fun facts in this age-appropriate quiz-style game. Little learners pick an animated avatar and then answer questions on a wide range of topics—anything from history and geography to art and science.

Encourage kids to challenge themselves in single-player mode, or kickstart a friendly competition between four trivia buffs with multi-player mode, only available in the paid version. Scores are saved so that players can compete, but there's no online or social media feature, making Kids Quiz a great social game without any danger of connecting with strangers on the Internet. Cute avatars and cheery graphics pair perfectly with brain boosting questions chock-full of kid-friendly pop culture references that are trendy and educational. For example, “What's the name of Harry Potter's pet owl?” Others are strictly educational, such as, "True or false? Dinosaur fossils have been found on every continent on earth?"

Some of the 75 questions in the free version repeated even when they were answered correctly, but this is less likely with the paid version, which boasts over 400 questions

Reviewed 2012-10-15 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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