Learn to Count Money

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What we like best:

Plenty of in-app guidance makes this a great learning tool for kids.

What you should know:

There are only two real exercises, making the app less dynamic than it could be.
Full Review:

Aarrr! Embark on a gold-filled journey to count yer treasure the pirate way! In this adorably themed math app, little swashbucklers learn monetary value by counting their booty out in dollars and coins in a fun pirate theme.

Boasting two mini-games, Learn to Count Money is a niche app, perfect for kids who are learning all about money math. While there’s not much variety, the standout review section offers a lot of guidance and a refresher on the value of bills and coins. An optional pirate’s chest counter keeps track of the value of the coins and bills selected in “Put the Money on the Map” and “How Much Money,” the games that work on money skills. For kids with more solid grasp of the concept, the helpful little treasure chest can be disabled to let children fend for themselves. Toggle the settings from easy to very hard to graduate from coins to a mix of bigger bills.

Haptic feedback, piratical encouragement and a bonus list of pirate sayings make this math app pretty entertaining—even if there are only two exercises to play around with. Kids will love toying around with the app so much that they’ll learn to count before you can say, Aye matey!

Teacher Features:
A handy results page keeps track of the date and score of each 5-round exercise.
Reviewed 2013-01-05 on Galaxy S3 Android 4.2 by Meg Butler

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