Leo's Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Vocabulary, Counting & Numbers, Sight Words, Social Skills, Creativity, Art

What we like best:

This app has some truly stunning visual effects and a beautifully rendered imaginary world.

What you should know:

The first chapter, dubbed 'appisode' 1, is free but there are prompts for 'in-app' purchases for additional content.
Full Review:

Leo and Gally are kid creative geniuses who fly, fabricate, invent and imagine in this comprehensive learning app. In Leo’s Pad, a young Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo inspire kids to reach new heights of brilliance and originality as they tell the story of their friendship.

The interactive "appisode" is a story that's stuffed with learning activities on every topic—from art to counting to construction. The activity graphics are stunning; a modern breath of fresh air compared to similar apps on the market. Gameplay here is adaptive—and since it grows with each child, there’s less of a chance little learners will tire of this engaging interactive tool. This tale of two geniuses moves forward in a logical way, but kids still retain control with the option of skipping ahead, revisiting favorite parts, or stopping the story completely to tackle an innovative activity. Lessons on social skills—such as taking turns, patience and considering the feelings of others—are integrated throughout.

The first episode (featuring Leo building objects for his friend) is free, while other “appisodes” start at just $0.99. Parents will be captivated by quality of the illustrations, storyline and in-depth interactivity and variety offered up by this real “renaissance” app.

Reviewed 2013-03-11 on iPad mini iOS 6.0.1 by Roberta Munoz

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