Licking Letters

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Phonics, The Alphabet, Reading Readiness, Letter Recognition

What we like best:

The reward system, featuring funny fashions for the game's central character, keep kids motivated to keep tackling new spelling words to build out the frog's wardrobe.

What you should know:

This game is great for preschoolers just learning their letters, because it doesn't require that your little one is already adept at the alphabet to have fun. However, a lack of variety means children can get bored after a relatively short time.
Full Review:

A frog on a lily pond forms the bright backdrop for alphabet fun. Players are given a basic sight word—like cat, cup or cow—and tap the screen to make the frog's tongue shoot out to snatch up letters as they float by.

Kids earn coins each time they catch all the letters in their assigned word, and can use the coins to purchase outrageous outfits for the game's green protagonist. Fun interactive games interspersed throughout reward kids with extra coins to build out a wardrobe of outfits to mix and match. Designed with preschoolers in mind, this game is simple and easy with minimal selections to make before and during play—meaning you won't have to constantly intervene.

Good if you're on the go, this app's quick to install and children can start playing as soon as it loads. Spoken instructions and guidance allows preschoolers to play independently. Unfortunately, the basic premise of the game doesn't change, and while the difficulty increases over time, kids may be too tired of the format to continue playing.

Reviewed 2012-09-27 on iPad iOS5 by Tia Benjamin

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