Magnetic ABC

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:The Alphabet, Spelling, Numbers, Letters

What we like best:

This app truly gives kids creative freedom to explore the alphabet and string together words.

What you should know:

No button to clear the screen means you have to swipe away each letter one by one, which can become tiresome.
Full Review:

Let kids’ imaginations run wild with this creative app, featuring a simple interface and virtual alphabet magnets. Free of directions, this app allows children explore their creativity with brightly colored letters, styled after those nostalgic rainbow ABC magnets stuck to most moms’ refrigerators.

Magnetic ABC is a no-frills app that allows for truly open-ended play; kids who find it tricky to tap into their imagination might lose interest quickly. Kindergarteners who struggle with writing can still get a fine motor workout here, and will appreciate the ease with which they can drag and drop the movable letters to form words. Letter color is customizable—kids can choose between pink, blue, orange, yellow and green to control styling the otherwise simple black background. The lite version contains a full alphabet, while the paid upgrade provides more variety, featuring over 1000 magnets, including numbers, symbols, shapes and special themed sets, such as princesses and holidays.

Parents and teachers looking for a quiet educational activity will love this app; no sound’s required for the app to be fully functional. For open-ended exploration of colors, letters, numbers and shapes, Magnetic ABC is a solid pick.

Reviewed 2012-10-13 on iPad iOS6 by Tia Benjamin

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