Math Bumpies HD – Adventure on Math Island

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Subtraction, Addition, Mental Math

What we like best:

The game contains challenging addition and subtraction problems to test kids in a fast-paced scramble to solve the sums.

What you should know:

Game play is fun but challenging—the app's sensitive and “bumping” the characters to hit the right answers can be tricky, leading to unnecessary frustration.
Full Review:

Take a trip to Math Island, where silly cartoon characters—controlled by kids—roll along the screen before jumping to “bump” the correct answer to a math problem overhead.

Similar to an educational retro platform game like Super Mario, this app is especially appealing to mini gamers. Figuring out the correct answers allows kids to progress through the game by breaking barriers and tackling obstacles. Follow the map through Math Island by completing each level, and explore the scenery and adventures at each different location. Children can choose between a selection of six silly cartoon characters like Mr. Chickenpants and Princess Pinkberry to navigate the map. As children improve, increase the difficulty by moving through the three levels—easy, medium and hard.

Worried a little learner isn't quite ready for an advanced level? The app saves stats so you can check kids' progress as they play. The game gives children an enthusiastic “awesome!” when sums are solved, and the slightly irritating “whatever!” when an incorrect answer is chosen. The difficult control is the only downside of this game, and the fact that at the higher levels, a single mistake can send kids back to the beginning of the section can quickly become discouraging.

Teacher Features:
Select between addition-only and subtraction-only options, or choose a mix for variety.
Reviewed 2012-10-01 on iPad iOS6 by Tia Benjamin

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